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We are available to respond to messages during business days, excluding holidays. Messages are normally answered within several business days.

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  This FAQ will help you solve the most common problems. If you don't find the solution for your problem here in this FAQ, feel free to contact us and ask for help.

   Ordering and Registration Key issues
   Hardware and Software issues

Make sure you check the latest version of Beam Screensaver, which is always available from our website! This might fix all your problems and make things easier for both of us.


1. What benefits do I get when I register Beam Screensaver (v2.XX)?

Registering Beam Screensaver will give you:

   - the right to use screensaver beyond 14-days evaluation period;
   - access to all current and future Themes which are available to our Registered Users only;
   - free Beam Screensaver 2.XX updates and bugfixes;
   - free, priority technical support via e-mail.

2. I ordered the screensaver but still did not get any response. Please help!

Please try contacting us from another email address. Spam filters are good but not perfect yet. :)

3. I'm a registered user and installed/downloaded the latest version of Beam Screensaver but it does not accept my old Registration Key.

Please for an upgrade with the following information:

  1. previous Beam registration information (USER NAME, USER CODE, SERIAL KEY);
  2. RegNow order number (this one is optional but highly recommended);
  3. email address you want your new registration code to be sent to.


1. What are the minimum hardware requirements for Beam Screensaver?

Beam Screensaver 2.xx requires at least video card with 32 Mb of RAM, CPU of 1.0 GHz and 256 Mb of installed memory on which to run. You also need a 3D graphics accelerator with latest OpenGL drivers in your computer or screensaver will run like a slideshow at best.

2. Under what operating systems will Beam Screensaver (v2.00) run?

Beam Screensaver should run fine under the following versions of Microsoft OSs:

   - Windows Vista
   - Windows 2000/XP

3. What 3D graphics card is best for Beam Screensaver?

Beam Screensaver (v2.xx) should run (theoretically) on any 3D accelerator card with at least 32 Mb of video memory and drivers with support for OpenGL 2.0 and GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language).

4. Installing Beam Screensaver...

• Use Explorer or any other file management programm to create a new (temporary) folder on your hard drive. Since it is temporary, the name is of no importance.
Move (or Copy) the zipped distribution file into the new folder.
Unzip the distribution file.
• From the Task Bar select: Start, Run, Browse...
• Locate your new folder. Click on "setup.exe" and hit the "Open" button.
• Hit "OK" and follow the prompts.
• Run Beam Screensaver using the Task Bar -> Start -> Programs -> Beam Screensaver...

Note: Once installation is complete, you can use Explorer to delete the temporary folder.

5. Uninstalling Beam Screensaver / Theme...

Go to ControlPanel -> Add/Remove Programs and choose Beam Screensaver or use uninstall icon in Beam Screensaver folder.


1. Beam Screensaver runs like a slideshow. Can you help?

If you find that the screensaver performance is poor then make sure you have the latest drivers for 3D video card installed on your computer.

If you are not getting good performance under Windows 2000/XP/VISTA but have a decent computer system then it is likely that you are using video card drivers that come with Windows OS which do not provide support for accelerated OpenGL.

If you know the manufacturer of your 3D graphics card, you can generally go to their website to download the appropriate OpenGL drivers.

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